dashboard plugin

Dashboard plugin visualizes the statistics of the cluster using a web server hosted by ceph-mgr.


The dashboard module is enabled with:

ceph mgr module enable dashboard


Like most web applications, dashboard binds to a host name and port. By default, the ceph-mgr daemon hosting the dashboard (i.e., the currently active manager) will bind to port 7000 and any available IPv4 or IPv6 address on the host.

Since each ceph-mgr hosts its own instance of dashboard, it may also be necessary to configure them separately. The hostname and port can be changed via the configuration key facility:

ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/$name/server_addr $IP
ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/$name/server_port $PORT

where $name is the ID of the ceph-mgr who is hosting this dashboard web app.

These settings can also be configured cluster-wide and not manager specific. For example,:

ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/server_addr $IP
ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/server_port $PORT

If the port is not configured, the web app will bind to port 7000. If the address it not configured, the web app will bind to ::, which corresponds to all available IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Reverse proxies

If you are accessing the dashboard via a reverse proxy configuration, you may wish to service it under a URL prefix. To get the dashboard to use hyperlinks that include your prefix, you can set the url_prefix setting:

ceph config-key set mgr/dashboard/url_prefix $PREFIX

so you can access the dashboard at http://$IP:$PORT/$PREFIX/.