This subcommand is used to zap lvs, partitions or raw devices that have been used by ceph OSDs so that they may be reused. If given a path to a logical volume it must be in the format of vg/lv. Any filesystems present on the given lv or partition will be removed and all data will be purged.


The lv or partition will be kept intact.


If the logical volume, raw device or partition is being used for any ceph related mount points they will be unmounted.

Zapping a logical volume:

ceph-volume lvm zap {vg name/lv name}

Zapping a partition:

ceph-volume lvm zap /dev/sdc1

If you are zapping a raw device or partition and would like any vgs or lvs created from that device removed use the --destroy flag. A common use case is to simply deploy OSDs using a whole raw device. If you do so and then wish to reuse that device for another OSD you must use the --destroy flag when zapping so that the vgs and lvs that ceph-volume created on the raw device will be removed.

Zapping a raw device and destroying any vgs or lvs present:

ceph-volume lvm zap /dev/sdc --destroy