Orchestrator CLI

This module provides a command line interface (CLI) to orchestrator modules (ceph-mgr modules which interface with external orchestation services)


You can select the orchestrator module to use with the set backend command:

ceph orchestrator set backend <module>

For example, to enable the Rook orchestrator module and use it with the CLI:

ceph mgr module enable orchestrator_cli
ceph mgr module enable rook
ceph orchestrator set backend rook

You can then check backend is properly configured:

ceph orchestrator status


Print a list of discovered devices, grouped by node and optionally filtered to a particular node:

orchestrator device ls [node]

Query the status of a particular service (mon, osd, mds, rgw). For OSDs the id is the numeric OSD ID, for MDS services it is the filesystem name:

orchestrator service status <type> <id>

Create a service. For an OSD, the “what” is <node>:<device>, where the device naming should match what was reported in device ls. For an MDS service, the “what” is the filesystem name:

orchestrator service add <type> <what>