iSCSI TargetsΒΆ

Traditionally, block-level access to a Ceph storage cluster has been limited to QEMU and librbd, which is a key enabler for adoption within OpenStack environments. Starting with the Ceph Luminous release, block-level access is expanding to offer standard iSCSI support allowing wider platform usage, and potentially opening new use cases.

  • RHEL/CentOS 7.5; Linux kernel v4.16 or newer; or the Ceph iSCSI client test kernel
  • A working Ceph Storage cluster, deployed with ceph-ansible or using the command-line interface
  • iSCSI gateways nodes, which can either be colocated with OSD nodes or on dedicated nodes
  • Separate network subnets for iSCSI front-end traffic and Ceph back-end traffic

A choice of using Ansible or the command-line interface are the available deployment methods for installing and configuring the Ceph iSCSI gateway: