Mount Ceph FS in your File Systems Table

If you mount Ceph FS in your file systems table, the Ceph file system will mount automatically on startup.

Kernel Driver

To mount Ceph FS in your file systems table as a kernel driver, add the following to /etc/fstab:

{ipaddress}:{port}:/ {mount}/{mountpoint} {filesystem-name}     [name=username,secret=secretkey|secretfile=/path/to/secretfile],[{mount.options}]

For example:     /mnt/ceph    ceph    name=admin,secretfile=/etc/ceph/secret.key,noatime    0       2


The name and secret or secretfile options are mandatory when you have Ceph authentication running.

See Authentication for details.


To mount Ceph FS in your file systems table as a filesystem in user space, add the following to /etc/fstab:

#DEVICE                                  PATH         TYPE      OPTIONS
id={user-ID}[,conf={path/to/conf.conf}] /mount/path  fuse.ceph defaults 0 0

For example:

id=admin  /mnt/ceph  fuse.ceph defaults 0 0
id=myuser,conf=/etc/ceph/cluster.conf  /mnt/ceph2  fuse.ceph defaults 0 0

The DEVICE field is a comma-delimited list of options to pass to the command line. Ensure you use the ID (e.g., admin, not client.admin). You can pass any valid ceph-fuse option to the command line this way.

See Authentication for details.