Notes on Ceph repositories

Special branches

  • master: current tip (integration branch)
  • next: pending release (feature frozen, bugfixes only)
  • last: last/previous release
  • dumpling, cuttlefish, bobtail, argonaut, etc.: stable release branches
  • dumpling-next: backports for stable release, pending testing


The source repos are all on github.

  • Any branch pushed to ceph.git will kick off builds that will either run unit tests or generate packages for Try not to generate unnecessary load. For private, unreviewed work, only push to branches named wip-*. This avoids colliding with any special branches.
  • Nothing should every reach a special branch unless it has been reviewed.
  • Preferred means of review is via github pull requests to capture any review discussion.
  • For multi-patch series, the pull request can be merged via github, and a Reviewed-by: ... line added to the merge commit.
  • For single- (or few-) patch merges, it is preferable to add the Reviewed-by: directly to the commit so that it is also visible when the patch is cherry-picked for backports.
  • All backports should use git cherry-pick -x to capture which commit they are cherry-picking from.