CephFS Exports over NFS

CephFS namespaces can be exported over NFS protocol using the NFS-Ganesha NFS server.


  • Latest Ceph file system with mgr and dashboard enabled

  • ‘nfs-ganesha’, ‘nfs-ganesha-ceph’ and nfs-ganesha-rados-grace packages (version 2.7.6-2 and above)

Create NFS Ganesha Cluster

$ ceph nfs cluster create <type=cephfs> [--size=1] <clusterid>

This creates a common recovery pool for all Ganesha daemons, new user based on cluster_id and common ganesha config rados object.

Here size denotes the number of ganesha daemons within a cluster and type is export type. Currently only CephFS is supported.


This does not setup ganesha recovery database and start the daemons. It needs to be done manually if not using vstart for creating clusters. Please refer ganesha-rados-grace doc

Create CephFS Export

$ ceph nfs export create <type=cephfs> <fsname> <binding> <clusterid> [--readonly] [--path=/path/in/cephfs]

It creates export rados objects containing the export block. Here binding is the pseudo root name and type is export type. Currently only CephFS is supported.

Configuring NFS-Ganesha to export CephFS with vstart

$ MDS=1 MON=1 OSD=3 NFS=1 ../src/vstart.sh -n -d

NFS: It denotes the number of NFS-Ganesha clusters to be created.


After the exports are successfully created and Ganesha daemons are no longer in grace period. The exports can be mounted by

$ mount -t nfs -o port=<ganesha-port> <ganesha-host-name>:<ganesha-pseudo-path> <mount-point>


Only NFS v4.0+ is supported.