Ceph Object Gateway Swift API

Ceph supports a RESTful API that is compatible with the basic data access model of the Swift API.

Features Support

The following table describes the support status for current Swift functional features:

Feature Status Remarks
Authentication Supported  
Get Account Metadata Supported  
Swift ACLs Supported Supports a subset of Swift ACLs
List Containers Supported  
Delete Container Supported  
Create Container Supported  
Get Container Metadata Supported  
Update Container Metadata Supported  
Delete Container Metadata Supported  
List Objects Supported  
Static Website Supported  
Create Object Supported  
Create Large Object Supported  
Delete Object Supported  
Get Object Supported  
Copy Object Supported  
Get Object Metadata Supported  
Update Object Metadata Supported  
Expiring Objects Supported  
Temporary URLs Partial Support No support for container-level keys
Object Versioning Partial Support No support for X-History-Location
CORS Not Supported