This document is for a development version of Ceph.

NFS Service


Only the NFSv4 protocol is supported.

Deploying NFS ganesha

Cephadm deploys NFS Ganesha using a pre-defined RADOS pool and optional namespace

To deploy a NFS Ganesha gateway, run the following command:

ceph orch apply nfs *<svc_id>* *<pool>* *<namespace>* --placement="*<num-daemons>* [*<host1>* ...]"

For example, to deploy NFS with a service id of foo, that will use the RADOS pool nfs-ganesha and namespace nfs-ns:

ceph orch apply nfs foo nfs-ganesha nfs-ns


Create the nfs-ganesha pool first if it doesn’t exist.

See Placement Specification for details of the placement specification.

Service Specification

Alternatively, an NFS service can also be applied using a YAML specification.

A service of type nfs requires a pool name and may contain an optional namespace:

service_type: nfs
service_id: mynfs
    - host1
    - host2
  pool: mypool
  namespace: mynamespace

where pool is a RADOS pool where NFS client recovery data is stored and namespace is a RADOS namespace where NFS client recovery data is stored in the pool.

The specification can then be applied using:

ceph orch apply -i nfs.yaml