Ceph Mirrors

For improved user experience multiple mirrors for Ceph are available around the world.

These mirrors are kindly sponsored by various companies who want to support the Ceph project.


These mirrors are available on the following locations:

You can replace all download.ceph.com URLs with any of the mirrors, for example:

Change this to:


You can easily mirror Ceph yourself using a Bash script and rsync. A easy to use script can be found at Github.

When mirroring Ceph, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Choose a mirror close to you

  • Do not sync in a interval shorter than 3 hours

  • Avoid syncing at minute 0 of the hour, use something between 0 and 59

Becoming a mirror

If you want to provide a public mirror for other users of Ceph you can opt to become a official mirror.

To make sure all mirrors meet the same standards some requirements have been set for all mirrors. These can be found on Github.

If you want to apply for an official mirror, please contact the ceph-users mailinglist.