Windows basic configuration

This page describes the minimum Ceph configuration required for using the client components on Windows.


The default location for the ceph.conf file on Windows is %ProgramData%\ceph\ceph.conf, which usually expands to C:\ProgramData\ceph\ceph.conf.

Below you may find a sample. Please fill in the monitor addresses accordingly.

    log to stderr = true
    ; Uncomment the following in order to use the Windows Event Log
    ; log to syslog = true

    run dir = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out
    crash dir = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out

    ; Use the following to change the cephfs client log level
    ; debug client = 2
    keyring = C:/ProgramData/ceph/keyring
    ; log file = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out/$name.$pid.log
    admin socket = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out/$name.$pid.asok

    ; client_permissions = true
    ; client_mount_uid = 1000
    ; client_mount_gid = 1000
    mon host = <ceph_monitor_addresses>

Don’t forget to also copy your keyring file to the specified location and make sure that the configured directories exist (e.g. C:\ProgramData\ceph\out).

Please use slashes / instead of backslashes \ as path separators within ceph.conf.