Release checklists

Dev Kickoff

These steps should be taken when starting a new major release, just after the previous release has been tagged (vX.2.0) and that tag has been merged back into master.

X is the release we are just starting development on. X-1 is the one that was just released (X-1).2.0.

Versions and tags

  • [x] Update CMakeLists.txt VERSION (right at the top to X.0.0)

  • [x] Update src/ceph_release with the new release name, number, and type (‘dev’)

  • [x] Initial tag vX.0.0 (so that we can distinguish from (and sort after) the backported (X-1).2.Z versions.

Define release names and constants

Make sure X (and, ideally, X+1) is defined:

  • [x] src/common/ceph_releases.h (ceph_release_t)

  • [x] src/common/ (ceph_release_name())

  • [x] src/include/rados.h (CEPH_RELEASE_* and MAX)

  • [x] src/mon/mon_types.h (ceph::features::mon::FEATURE_* and related structs and helpers; note that monmaptool CLI test output will need adjustment)

  • [x] src/mds/cephfs_features.h (CEPHFS_CURRENT_RELEASE)


  • [x] src/script/backport-resolve-issue (releases(), ver_to_release()… but for X-1)

  • [x] src/script/ceph-release-notes (X-1)

  • [ ] ceph-build.git scripts/ release_from_version()


  • [x] update src/ceph-volume/ceph_volume/ (__release__)

Feature bits

  • [x] ensure that SERVER_X is defined

  • [x] change any features DEPRECATED in release X-3 are now marked RETIRED.

  • [ ] look for features that (1) were present in X-2 and (2) have no client dependency and mark them DEPRECATED as of X.


  • [x] mon/Monitor.h (CEPH_MON_FEATURE_INCOMPAT_X)

  • [x] mon/ (include in get_supported_features())

  • [x] mon/ (apply_monmap_to_compatset_features())

  • [x] mon/ (calc_quorum_requirements())


  • [x] qa/standalone/mon/misc adjust TEST_mon_features (add X cases and adjust –mon-debug-no-require-X)

  • [x] mon/ adjust always_on_modules

  • [x] common/ define mon_debug_no_require_X

  • [x] common/ remove mon_debug_no_require_X-2

  • [x] mon/ create_initial: adjust new require_osd_release, and add associated mon_debug_no_require_X

  • [x] mon/ preprocess_boot: adjust “disallow boot of ” condition to disallow X if require_osd_release < X-2.

  • [x] mon/ adjust “osd require-osd-release” to (1) allow setting X, and (2) check that all mons and OSDs have X

  • [x] mon/MonCommands.h: adjust “osd require-osd-release” allows options to include X

  • [x] qa/workunits/cephtool/ adjust require-osd-release test

Code cleanup

  • [ ] search code for “after X-1” or “X” for conditional checks

  • [ ] search code for X-2 and X-3 (CEPH_FEATURE_SERVER_* and ceph_release_t::*)

  • [ ] search code for require_osd_release

  • [ ] search code for min_mon_release

QA suite

  • [ ] create qa/suites/upgrade/(X-1)-x

  • [x] remove qa/suites/upgrade/(X-3)-x-*

  • [x] remove qa/suites/rados/upgrade/(X-3)-x-singleton symlink

  • [x] create qa/releases/X.yaml

  • [ ] create qa/suites/rados/cephadm/thrash-old-clients/1-install/(X-1).yaml

First release candidate

  • [ ] src/ceph_release: change type to rc

  • [ ] opt-in to all telemetry channels, generate telemetry reports, and verify no sensitive details (like pools names) are collected

First stable release

  • [ ] src/ceph_release: change type stable

  • [ ] generate new object corpus for encoding/decoding tests - see Corpus structure