The following checks indicate issues with OSD nodes.



Multiple ceph_fsid values found in /var/lib/ceph/osd.

This might mean you are hosting OSDs for many clusters on this node or that some OSDs are misconfigured to join the clusters you expect.


Setting osd pool default min size = 1 can lead to data loss because if the minimum is not met, Ceph will not acknowledge the write to the client.


The default value of 3 OSD nodes for a healthy cluster must be met. If ceph.conf is configured to a different number, that setting will take precedence. The number of OSD nodes is calculated by adding osd_pool_default_size and osd_pool_default_min_size + 1. By default, this adds to 3.


If ratios have been modified from its defaults, a warning is raised pointing to any ratio that diverges. The ratios observed with their defaults are:

  • backfillfull_ratio: 0.9
  • nearfull_ratio: 0.85
  • full_ratio: 0.95