usage: teuthology-lock [-h] [-v]
                       (--list | --brief | --list-targets | --lock | --unlock | --lock-many NUM_TO_LOCK | --update | --summary)
                       [-a] [--owner OWNER] [-f] [--desc DESC]
                       [--desc-pattern DESC_PATTERN] [-m MACHINE_TYPE]
                       [--status {up,down}] [--locked {true,false}]
                       [-t TARGETS] [--os-type OS_TYPE]
                       [--os-version OS_VERSION] [--arch ARCH]
                       [--json-query JSON_QUERY]
                       [MACHINE ...]

Lock, unlock, or query lock status of machines

positional arguments:
  MACHINE               machines to operate on

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v, --verbose         be more verbose
  --list                Show lock info for machines owned by you, or only machines specified. Can be restricted by --owner, --status, and --locked.
  --brief               Like --list, but with summary instead of detail
  --list-targets        Show lock info for all machines, or only machines specified, in targets: yaml format. Can be restricted by --owner, --status, and --locked.
  --lock                lock particular machines
  --unlock              unlock particular machines
  --lock-many NUM_TO_LOCK
                        lock this many machines
  --update              update the description or status of some machines
  --summary             summarize locked-machine counts by owner
  -a, --all             list all machines, not just those owned by you
  --owner OWNER         owner of the lock(s) (must match to unlock a machine)
  -f                    don't exit after the first error, continue locking or unlocking other machines
  --desc DESC           lock description
  --desc-pattern DESC_PATTERN
                        lock description
  -m MACHINE_TYPE, --machine-type MACHINE_TYPE
                        Type of machine to lock, valid choices: mira | plana | burnupi | vps | saya | tala
  --status {up,down}    whether a machine is usable for testing
  --locked {true,false}
                        whether a machine is locked
  -t TARGETS, --targets TARGETS
                        input yaml containing targets
  --os-type OS_TYPE     OS type (distro)
  --os-version OS_VERSION
                        OS (distro) version such as "12.10"
  --arch ARCH           architecture (x86_64, i386, armv7, aarch64)
  --json-query JSON_QUERY
                        JSON fragment, explicitly given, or a file containing
                        JSON, containing a query for --list or --brief.
                        Example: teuthology-lock --list --all --json-query
                        will list all machines who have a vm_host entry
                        with a dictionary that contains at least the name key
                        with value mira003.front.sepia.ceph.com.
                        Note: be careful about quoting and the shell.

teuthology-lock --summary
teuthology-lock --lock-many 1 --machine-type vps
teuthology-lock --lock -t target.yaml
teuthology-lock --list-targets plana01
teuthology-lock --brief
teuthology-lock --brief --owner user@host
teuthology-lock --update --status down --desc testing plana01