teuthology.task.internal package


teuthology.task.internal.check_lock module

teuthology.task.internal.check_lock.check_lock(ctx, config, check_up=True)

Check lock status of remote machines.

teuthology.task.internal.git_ignore_ssl module

teuthology.task.internal.git_ignore_ssl.git_ignore_ssl(ctx, config)

Ignore ssl error’s while cloning from untrusted http

teuthology.task.internal.lock_machines module

teuthology.task.internal.lock_machines.lock_machines(ctx, config)

Lock machines. Called when the teuthology run finds and locks new machines. This is not called if the one has teuthology-locked machines and placed those keys in the Targets section of a yaml file.

teuthology.task.internal.redhat module

Internal tasks for redhat downstream builds

teuthology.task.internal.redhat.setup_additional_repo(ctx, config)

set additional repo’s for testing redhat:

teuthology.task.internal.redhat.setup_base_repo(ctx, config)

Setup repo based on redhat nodes redhat:

base-repo-url: base url that provides Mon, OSD, Tools etc installer-repo-url: Installer url that provides Agent, Installer deb-repo-url: debian repo url deb-gpg-key: gpg key used for signing the build

teuthology.task.internal.redhat.setup_cdn_repo(ctx, config)

setup repo if set_cdn_repo exists in config redhat:


rhbuild: 2.0 or 1.3.2 or 1.3.3

teuthology.task.internal.redhat.setup_stage_cdn(ctx, config)

Configure internal stage cdn


teuthology.task.internal.syslog module

teuthology.task.internal.syslog.syslog(ctx, config)

start syslog / stop syslog on exit.

teuthology.task.internal.vm_setup module

teuthology.task.internal.vm_setup.vm_setup(ctx, config)

Look for virtual machines and handle their initialization

Module contents

Internal tasks are tasks that are started from the teuthology infrastructure. Note that there is no corresponding task defined for this module. All of the calls are made from other modules, most notably teuthology/run.py

teuthology.task.internal.add_remotes(ctx, config)

Create a ctx.cluster object populated with remotes mapped to roles

teuthology.task.internal.archive(ctx, config)

Handle the creation and deletion of the archive directory.

teuthology.task.internal.archive_upload(ctx, config)

Upload the archive directory to a designated location

teuthology.task.internal.base(ctx, config)

Create the test directory that we will be using on the remote system

teuthology.task.internal.buildpackages_prep(ctx, config)

Make sure the ‘buildpackages’ task happens before the ‘install’ task.


BUILDPACKAGES_NOTHING if there is no buildpackages task BUILDPACKAGES_REMOVED if there is a buildpackages task but no install task BUILDPACKAGES_FIRST if a buildpackages task was moved at the beginning BUILDPACKAGES_OK if a buildpackages task already at the beginning

teuthology.task.internal.check_ceph_data(ctx, config)

Check for old /var/lib/ceph subdirectories and detect staleness.

teuthology.task.internal.check_conflict(ctx, config)

Note directory use conflicts and stale directories.

teuthology.task.internal.check_packages(ctx, config)

Checks gitbuilder to determine if there are missing packages for this job.

If there are missing packages, fail the job.

teuthology.task.internal.connect(ctx, config)

Connect to all remotes in ctx.cluster

teuthology.task.internal.coredump(ctx, config)

Stash a coredump of this system if an error occurs.

teuthology.task.internal.fetch_binaries_for_coredumps(path, remote)

Pul ELFs (debug and stripped) for each coredump found

teuthology.task.internal.push_inventory(ctx, config)
teuthology.task.internal.save_config(ctx, config)

Store the config in a yaml file

teuthology.task.internal.serialize_remote_roles(ctx, config)

Provides an explicit mapping for which remotes have been assigned what roles So that other software can be loosely coupled to teuthology

teuthology.task.internal.sudo(ctx, config)

Enable use of sudo

teuthology.task.internal.timer(ctx, config)

Start the timer used by teuthology