teuthology.task.tests package


teuthology.task.tests.test_locking module

class teuthology.task.tests.test_locking.TestLocking

Bases: object

test_correct_machine_type(ctx, config)
test_correct_os_type(ctx, config)
test_correct_os_version(ctx, config)

teuthology.task.tests.test_run module

Module contents

This task is used to integration test teuthology. Including this task in your yaml config will execute pytest which finds any tests in the current directory. Each test that is discovered will be passed the teuthology ctx and config args that each teuthology task usually gets. This allows the tests to operate against the cluster.

An example:

  - tests:
class teuthology.task.tests.TeuthologyContextPlugin(ctx, config)

Bases: object

pytest_runtest_makereport(__multicall__, item, call)
teuthology.task.tests.task(ctx, config)

Use pytest to recurse through this directory, finding any tests and then executing them with the teuthology ctx and config args. Your tests must follow standard pytest conventions to be discovered.