jerasure plugin


The parameters interpreted by the jerasure plugin are:

ceph osd erasure-code-profile set myprofile \
   directory=<dir>         \ # plugin directory absolute path
   plugin=jerasure         \ # plugin name (only jerasure)
   k=<k>                   \ # data chunks (default 2)
   m=<m>                   \ # coding chunks (default 2)
   technique=<technique>   \ # coding technique

The coding techniques can be chosen among reed_sol_van, reed_sol_r6_op, cauchy_orig, cauchy_good, liberation, blaum_roth and liber8tion.

The src/erasure-code/jerasure directory contains the implementation. It is a wrapper around the code found at and , pinned to the latest stable version in .gitmodules. These repositories are copies of the upstream repositories and . The difference between the two, if any, should match pull requests against upstream.