Ceph DeploymentΒΆ

The ceph-deploy tool is a way to deploy Ceph relying only upon SSH access to the servers, sudo, and some Python. It runs on your workstation, and does not require servers, databases, or any other tools. If you set up and tear down Ceph clusters a lot, and want minimal extra bureaucracy, ceph-deploy is an ideal tool. The ceph-deploy tool is not a generic deployment system. It was designed exclusively for Ceph users who want to get Ceph up and running quickly with sensible initial configuration settings without the overhead of installing Chef, Puppet or Juju. Users who want fine-control over security settings, partitions or directory locations should use a tool such as Juju, Puppet, Chef or Crowbar.

With ceph-deploy, you can develop scripts to install Ceph packages on remote hosts, create a cluster, add monitors, gather (or forget) keys, add OSDs and metadata servers, configure admin hosts, and tear down the clusters.