Package Management


To install Ceph packages on your cluster hosts, open a command line on your client machine and type the following:

ceph-deploy install {hostname [hostname] ...}

Without additional arguments, ceph-deploy will install the most recent major release of Ceph to the cluster host(s). To specify a particular package, you may select from the following:

  • --release <code-name>

  • --testing

  • --dev <branch-or-tag>

For example:

ceph-deploy install --release cuttlefish hostname1
ceph-deploy install --testing hostname2
ceph-deploy install --dev wip-some-branch hostname{1,2,3,4,5}

For additional usage, execute:

ceph-deploy install -h


To uninstall Ceph packages from your cluster hosts, open a terminal on your admin host and type the following:

ceph-deploy uninstall {hostname [hostname] ...}

On a Debian or Ubuntu system, you may also:

ceph-deploy purge {hostname [hostname] ...}

The tool will uninstall ceph packages from the specified hosts. Purge additionally removes configuration files.