Issue Tracker

See Redmine Issue Tracker for a brief introduction to the Ceph Issue Tracker.

Ceph developers use the issue tracker to

1. keep track of issues - bugs, fix requests, feature requests, backport requests, etc.

2. communicate with other developers and keep them informed as work on the issues progresses.

Issue tracker conventions

When you start working on an existing issue, it’s nice to let the other developers know this - to avoid duplication of labor. Typically, this is done by changing the Assignee field (to yourself) and changing the Status to In progress. Newcomers to the Ceph community typically do not have sufficient privileges to update these fields, however: they can simply update the issue with a brief note.

Meanings of some commonly used statuses




Initial status

In Progress

Somebody is working on it

Need Review

Pull request is open with a fix

Pending Backport

Fix has been merged, backport(s) pending


Fix and backports (if any) have been merged