Diskprediction Module

The diskprediction module leverages Ceph device health check to collect disk health metrics and uses internal predictor module to produce the disk failure prediction and returns back to Ceph. It doesn’t require any external server for data analysis and output results. Its internal predictor’s accuracy is around 70%.


Run the following command to enable the diskprediction_local module in the Ceph environment:

ceph mgr module enable diskprediction_local

To enable the local predictor:

ceph config set global device_failure_prediction_mode local

To disable prediction:

ceph config set global device_failure_prediction_mode none

diskprediction_local requires at least six datasets of device health metrics to make prediction of the devices’ life expentancy. And these health metrics are collected only if health monitoring is enabled.

Run the following command to retrieve the life expectancy of given device.

ceph device predict-life-expectancy <device id>


The module performs the prediction on a daily basis by default. You can adjust this interval with:

ceph config set mgr mgr/diskprediction_local/predict_interval <interval-in-seconds>


If you want to debug the DiskPrediction module mapping to Ceph logging level, use the following command.


    debug mgr = 20

With logging set to debug for the manager the module will print out logging message with prefix mgr[diskprediction] for easy filtering.