Installing Ceph

There are multiple ways to install Ceph.

Other methods

ceph-ansible deploys and manages Ceph clusters using Ansible.

  • ceph-ansible is widely deployed.

  • ceph-ansible is not integrated with the orchestrator APIs that were introduced in Nautilus and Octopus, which means that the management features and dashboard integration introduced in Nautilus and Octopus are not available in Ceph clusters deployed by means of ceph-ansible.

ceph-deploy is a tool that can be used to quickly deploy clusters. It is deprecated.


ceph-deploy is not actively maintained. It is not tested on versions of Ceph newer than Nautilus. It does not support RHEL8, CentOS 8, or newer operating systems.

DeepSea installs Ceph using Salt. installs Ceph using Juju. installs Ceph via Puppet.

Ceph can also be installed manually.


For Windows installations, consult this document: Windows installation guide.