ceph-create-keys – ceph keyring generate tool


ceph-create-keys [-h] [-v] [-t seconds] [–cluster name] –id id


ceph-create-keys is a utility to generate bootstrap keyrings using the given monitor when it is ready.

It creates following auth entities (or users)


and its key for your client host.

client.bootstrap-{osd, rgw, mds}

and their keys for bootstrapping corresponding services

To list all users in the cluster:

ceph auth ls



name of the cluster (default ‘ceph’).


time out after seconds (default: 600) waiting for a response from the monitor

-i, --id

id of a ceph-mon that is coming up. ceph-create-keys will wait until it joins quorum.

-v, --verbose

be more verbose.


ceph-create-keys is part of Ceph, a massively scalable, open-source, distributed storage system. Please refer to the Ceph documentation at http://ceph.com/docs for more information.

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