iSCSI Gateway Requirements

It is recommended to provision two to four iSCSI gateway nodes to realize a highly available Ceph iSCSI gateway solution.

For hardware recommendations, see hardware recommendations .


On iSCSI gateway nodes the memory footprint is a function of of the RBD images mapped and can grow to be large. Plan memory requirements accordingly based on the number RBD images to be mapped.

There are no specific iSCSI gateway options for the Ceph Monitors or OSDs, but it is important to lower the default heartbeat interval for detecting down OSDs to reduce the possibility of initiator timeouts. The following configuration options are suggested:

osd heartbeat grace = 20
osd heartbeat interval = 5
  • Updating Running State From a Ceph Monitor Node

ceph tell <daemon_type>.<id> config set <parameter_name> <new_value>
ceph tell osd.* config set osd_heartbeat_grace 20
ceph tell osd.* config set osd_heartbeat_interval 5
  • Updating Running State On Each OSD Node

    ceph daemon <daemon_type>.<id> config set osd_client_watch_timeout 15
    ceph daemon osd.0 config set osd_heartbeat_grace 20
    ceph daemon osd.0 config set osd_heartbeat_interval 5

For more details on setting Ceph’s configuration options, see Configuring Ceph. Be sure to persist these settings in /etc/ceph.conf or, on Mimic and later releases, in the centralized config store.