This document is for a development version of Ceph.

Tracing Services

Jaeger Tracing

Ceph uses Jaeger as the tracing backend. in order to use tracing, we need to deploy those services.

Further details on tracing in ceph:

Ceph Tracing documentation


Jaeger services consist of 3 services:

  1. Jaeger Agent

  2. Jaeger Collector

  3. Jaeger Query

Jaeger requires a database for the traces. we use ElasticSearch (version 6) by default.

To deploy jaeger tracing service, when not using your own ElasticSearch:

  1. Deploy jaeger services, with a new elasticsearch container:

    ceph orch apply jaeger
  2. Deploy jaeger services, with existing elasticsearch cluster and existing jaeger query (deploy agents and collectors):

    ceph orch apply jaeger --without-query --es_nodes=ip:port,..

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