This document is for a development version of Ceph.

Windows basic configuration

This page describes the minimum Ceph configuration required for using the client components on Windows.


The default location for the ceph.conf file on Windows is %ProgramData%\ceph\ceph.conf, which usually expands to C:\ProgramData\ceph\ceph.conf.

Below you may find a sample. Please fill in the monitor addresses accordingly.

    log to stderr = true
    ; Uncomment the following in order to use the Windows Event Log
    ; log to syslog = true

    run dir = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out
    crash dir = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out

    ; Use the following to change the cephfs client log level
    ; debug client = 2
    keyring = C:/ProgramData/ceph/keyring
    ; log file = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out/$name.$pid.log
    admin socket = C:/ProgramData/ceph/out/$name.$pid.asok

    ; client_permissions = true
    ; client_mount_uid = 1000
    ; client_mount_gid = 1000
    mon host = <ceph_monitor_addresses>

Don’t forget to also copy your keyring file to the specified location and make sure that the configured directories exist (e.g. C:\ProgramData\ceph\out).

Please use slashes / instead of backslashes \ as path separators within ceph.conf.

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