This document is for a development version of Ceph.

Progress Module

The progress module is used to inform users about the recovery progress of PGs (Placement Groups) that are affected by events such as (1) OSDs being marked in or out and (2) pg_autoscaler trying to match the target PG number.

The ceph -s command returns something called ” Global Recovery Progress”, which reports the overall recovery progress of PGs and is based on the number of PGs that are in the active+clean state.


The progress module is enabled by default, but it can be enabled manually by running the following command:

ceph progress on

The module can be disabled at anytime by running the following command:

ceph progress off


Show the summary of all the ongoing and completed events and their duration:

ceph progress

Show the summary of ongoing and completed events in JSON format:

ceph progress json

Clear all ongoing and completed events:

ceph progress clear

PG Recovery Event

An event for each PG affected by recovery event can be shown in ceph progress This is completely optional, and disabled by default due to CPU overheard:

ceph config set mgr mgr/progress/allow_pg_recovery_event true

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