This document is for a development version of Ceph.

Vulnerability Management ProcessΒΆ

  1. The report will be acknowledged within three business days or less.

  2. The team will investigate and update the email thread with relevant information and may ask for additional information or guidance surrounding the reported issue.

  3. If the team does not confirm the report, no further action will be taken and the issue will be closed.

  4. If the team confirms the report, a unique CVE identifier will be assigned and shared with the reporter. The team will take action to fix the issue.

  5. If a reporter has no disclosure date in mind, a Ceph security team member will coordinate a release date (CRD) with the list members and share the mutually agreed disclosure date with the reporter.

  6. The vulnerability disclosure / release date is set excluding Friday and holiday periods.

  7. Embargoes are preferred for Critical and High impact issues. Embargo should not be held for more than 90 days from the date of vulnerability confirmation, except under unusual circumstances. For Low and Moderate issues with limited impact and an easy workaround or where an issue that is already public, a standard patch release process will be followed to fix the vulnerability once CVE is assigned.

  8. Medium and Low severity issues will be released as part of the next standard release cycle, with at least a 7 days advanced notification to the list members prior to the release date. The CVE fix details will be included in the release notes, which will be linked in the public announcement.

  9. Commits will be handled in a private repository for review and testing and a new patch version will be released from this private repository.

  10. If a vulnerability is unintentionally already fixed in the public repository, a few days are given to downstream stakeholders/vendors to prepare for updating before the public disclosure.

  11. An announcement will be made disclosing the vulnerability. The fastest place to receive security announcements is via the or mailing lists. (These lists are low-traffic).

If the report is considered embargoed, we ask you to not disclose the vulnerability before it has been fixed and announced, unless you received a response from the Ceph security team that you can do so. This holds true until the public disclosure date that was agreed upon by the list. Thank you for improving the security of Ceph and its ecosystem. Your efforts and responsible disclosure are greatly appreciated and will be acknowledged.