CLI API Commands Module

The CLI API module exposes most ceph-mgr python API via CLI. Furthermore, this API can be benchmarked for further testing.


The cli api commands module is enabled with:

ceph mgr module enable cli_api

To check that it is enabled, run:

ceph mgr module ls | grep cli_api


To run a mgr module command, run:

ceph mgr cli <command> <param>

For example, use the following command to print the list of servers:

ceph mgr cli list_servers

List all available mgr module commands with:

ceph mgr cli --help

To benchmark a command, run:

ceph mgr cli_benchmark <number of calls> <number of threads> <command> <param>

For example, use the following command to benchmark the command to get osd_map:

ceph mgr cli_benchmark 100 10 get osd_map