Insights Module

The insights module collects and exposes system information to the Insights Core data analysis framework. It is intended to replace explicit interrogation of Ceph CLIs and daemon admin sockets, reducing the API surface that Insights depends on. The insights reports contains the following:

  • Health reports. In addition to reporting the current health of the cluster, the insights module reports a summary of the last 24 hours of health checks. This feature is important for catching cluster health issues that are transient and may not be present at the moment the report is generated. Health checks are deduplicated to avoid unbounded data growth.

  • Crash reports. A summary of any daemon crashes in the past 24 hours is included in the insights report. Crashes are reported as the number of crashes per daemon type (e.g. ceph-osd) within the time window. Full details of a crash may be obtained using the crash module.

  • Software version, storage utilization, cluster maps, placement group summary, monitor status, cluster configuration, and OSD metadata.


The insights module is enabled with:

ceph mgr module enable insights


ceph insights

Generate the full report.

ceph insights prune-health <hours>

Remove historical health data older than <hours>. Passing 0 for <hours> will clear all health data.

This command is useful for cleaning the health history before automated nightly reports are generated, which may contain spurious health checks accumulated while performing system maintenance, or other health checks that have been resolved. There is no need to prune health data to reclaim storage space; garbage collection is performed regularly to remove old health data from persistent storage.