Rook ( is an orchestration tool that can run Ceph inside a Kubernetes cluster.

The rook module provides integration between Ceph’s orchestrator framework (used by modules such as dashboard to control cluster services) and Rook.

Orchestrator modules only provide services to other modules, which in turn provide user interfaces. To try out the rook module, you might like to use the Orchestrator CLI module.


  • Running ceph-mon and ceph-mgr services that were set up with Rook in Kubernetes.

  • Rook 0.9 or newer.


Because a Rook cluster’s ceph-mgr daemon is running as a Kubernetes pod, the rook module can connect to the Kubernetes API without any explicit configuration.


If you are a developer, please see Hacking on Ceph in Kubernetes with Rook for instructions on setting up a development environment to work with this.