The Ceph open source community is guided by a few different groups.

Key principles

  • Decision-making is consensus-driven by those who participate.

  • Leadership roles are defined primarily by responsibility, not prestige or seniority.

  • It is normal and healthy for these roles to be passed on to others

  • Everyone’s role is ultimately to serve the users and participation is voluntary.


Ceph Executive Council


  • Arbiter in cases where decisions cannot be reached by consensus

  • Distribute key responsibilities amongst themselves or others

  • Point of contact for the project

  • Representatives for Ceph foundation board meetings

  • Ensure things get done


  • 3 people

  • Elected by the steering committee

  • Candidates self-nominate or are nominated by other members

  • Discussion of how roles/responsibilities may be delegated

  • Ranked-choice vote by the steering committee

  • 2 year terms, with one member being elected in even years, and the other two in odd years

  • Members may resign at any time, and the steering committee may vote to appoint a replacement for the rest of their term

  • members must involve >1 employer

Current Members

Ceph Steering Committee


  • Elect executive council

  • Amend governance model (by majority vote)

  • Meet regularly to discuss and decide on tactical and strategic projects and improvements


  • Developers, users, community members

  • Voting members can be nominated and added/removed by existing members (2/3 majority)

  • Anyone may attend steering committee meetings as a non-voting participant

  • Existing Ceph Leadership Team members are grandfathered in

  • Membership reflected by an email list and on the Ceph website and docs

Current Members

Component Team Leads


  • Manage a component team in Ceph

  • Ensure PRs are reviewed and merged

  • Ensure severe bug fixes are backported

  • Run standups

  • Bug triage, scrubs

  • etc.

Team leads are selected by the executive council, generally based on the recommendation by team members and outgoing lead. Periodic rotation of lead responsibility among team members is encouraged.

The Ceph Foundation

The Ceph Foundation is organized as a directed fund under the Linux Foundation and is tasked with supporting the Ceph project community and ecosystem. It has no direct control over the technical direction of the Ceph open source project beyond offering feedback and input into the collaborative development process.

For more information, see Ceph Foundation.