This document is for a development version of Ceph.

Object Store Architecture Overview

digraph object_store { size="7,7"; node [color=lightblue2, style=filled, fontname="Serif"]; "testrados" -> "librados" "testradospp" -> "librados" "rbd" -> "librados" "radostool" -> "librados" "radosgw-admin" -> "radosgw" "radosgw" -> "librados" "radosacl" -> "librados" "librados" -> "objecter" "ObjectCacher" -> "Filer" "dumpjournal" -> "Journaler" "Journaler" -> "Filer" "SyntheticClient" -> "Filer" "SyntheticClient" -> "objecter" "Filer" -> "objecter" "objecter" -> "OSDMap" "ceph-osd" -> "PG" "ceph-osd" -> "ObjectStore" "crushtool" -> "CrushWrapper" "OSDMap" -> "CrushWrapper" "OSDMapTool" -> "OSDMap" "PG" -> "PrimaryLogPG" "PG" -> "ObjectStore" "PG" -> "OSDMap" "PrimaryLogPG" -> "ObjectStore" "PrimaryLogPG" -> "OSDMap" "ObjectStore" -> "BlueStore" "BlueStore" -> "rocksdb" }


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