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ceph-volume-systemd -- systemd ceph-volume helper tool


ceph-volume-systemd systemd instance name


ceph-volume-systemd is a systemd helper tool that receives input from (dynamically created) systemd units so that activation of OSDs can proceed.

It translates the input into a system call to ceph-volume for activation purposes only.


Its input is the systemd instance name (represented by %i in a systemd unit), and it should be in the following format:

<ceph-volume subcommand>-<extra metadata>

In the case of lvm a call could look like:

/usr/bin/ceph-volume-systemd lvm-0-8715BEB4-15C5-49DE-BA6F-401086EC7B41

Which in turn will call ceph-volume in the following way:

ceph-volume lvm trigger  0-8715BEB4-15C5-49DE-BA6F-401086EC7B41

Any other subcommand will need to have implemented a trigger command that can consume the extra metadata in this format.


ceph-volume-systemd is part of Ceph, a massively scalable, open-source, distributed storage system. Please refer to the documentation at for more information.

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