Archive Sync Module

New in version Nautilus.

This sync module leverages the versioning feature of the S3 objects in RGW to have an archive zone that captures the different versions of the S3 objects as they occur over time in the other zones.

An archive zone allows to have a history of versions of S3 objects that can only be eliminated through the gateways associated with the archive zone.

This functionality is useful to have a configuration where several non-versioned zones replicate their data and metadata through their zone gateways (mirror configuration) providing high availability to the end users, while the archive zone captures all the data updates and metadata for consolidate them as versions of S3 objects.

Including an archive zone in a multizone configuration allows you to have the flexibility of an S3 object history in one only zone while saving the space that the replicas of the versioned S3 objects would consume in the rest of the zones.

Archive Sync Tier Type Configuration

How to Configure

See Multisite Configuration for how to multisite config instructions. The archive sync module requires a creation of a new zone. The zone tier type needs to be defined as archive:

# radosgw-admin zone create --rgw-zonegroup={zone-group-name} \
                            --rgw-zone={zone-name} \