NVMe/TCP Initiator for Linux


  • Kernel 5.0 or later

  • RHEL 9.2 or later

  • Ubuntu 24.04 or later

  • SLES 15 SP3 or later


  1. Install the nvme-cli:

    yum install nvme-cli
  2. Load the NVMe-oF module:

    modprobe nvme-fabrics
  3. Verify the NVMe/TCP target is reachable:

    nvme discover -t tcp -a GATEWAY_IP -s 4420
  4. Connect to the NVMe/TCP target:

    nvme connect -t tcp -a GATEWAY_IP -n SUBSYSTEM_NQN

Next steps

Verify that the initiator is set up correctly:

  1. List the NVMe block devices:

    nvme list
  2. Create a filesystem on the desired device:

    mkfs.ext4 NVME_NODE_PATH
  3. Mount the filesystem:

    mkdir /mnt/nvmeof
    mount NVME_NODE_PATH /mnt/nvmeof
  4. List the NVME-oF files:

    ls /mnt/nvmeof
  5. Create a text file in the /mnt/nvmeof directory:

    echo "Hello NVME-oF" > /mnt/nvmeof/hello.text
  6. Verify that the file can be accessed:

    cat /mnt/nvmeof/hello.text