Quincy is the 17th stable release of Ceph. It is named after Squidward Quincy Tentacles from Spongebob Squarepants.

v17.2.5 Quincy

This is a hotfix release that addresses missing commits in the 17.2.4 release. We recommend that all users update to this release.

Related tracker: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/57858

Notable Changes


  • ceph-volume: fix regression in activate (pr#48201, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • mgr/rook: fix error when trying to get the list of nfs services (pr#48199, Juan Miguel Olmo)

  • mgr/telemetry: handle daemons with complex ids (pr#48283, Laura Flores)

  • Revert PR 47901 (pr#48104, Laura Flores)

v17.2.4 Quincy

This is the fourth backport release in the Quincy series. We recommend that all users update to this release.

Notable Changes

  • Cephfs: The AT_NO_ATTR_SYNC macro is deprecated, please use the standard AT_STATX_DONT_SYNC macro. The AT_NO_ATTR_SYNC macro will be removed in the future.

  • OSD: The issue of high CPU utilization during recovery/backfill operations has been fixed. For more details see: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/56530.

  • Trimming of PGLog dups is now controlled by size instead of the version. This fixes the PGLog inflation issue that was happening when online (in OSD) trimming jammed after a PG split operation. Also, a new offline mechanism has been added: ceph-objectstore-tool now has a trim-pg-log-dups op that targets situations where an OSD is unable to boot due to those inflated dups. If that is the case, in OSD logs the “You can be hit by THE DUPS BUG” warning will be visible. Relevant tracker: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/53729

  • OSD: Octopus modified the SnapMapper key format from <LEGACY_MAPPING_PREFIX><snapid>_<shardid>_<hobject_t::to_str()> to <MAPPING_PREFIX><pool>_<snapid>_<shardid>_<hobject_t::to_str()>. When this change was introduced, 94ebe0e also introduced a conversion with a crucial bug which essentially destroyed legacy keys by mapping them to <MAPPING_PREFIX><poolid>_<snapid>_ without the object-unique suffix. The conversion is fixed in this release. Relevant tracker: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/56147


  • .readthedocs.yml: Always build latest doc/releases pages (pr#47442, David Galloway)

  • Add mapping for ernno:13 and adding path in error msg in opendir()/cephfs.pyx (pr#46647, Sarthak0702)

  • admin: Fix check if PR or release branch docs build (pr#47739, David Galloway)

  • bdev: fix FTBFS on FreeBSD, keep the huge paged read buffers (pr#44641, Radoslaw Zarzynski)

  • build: Silence deprecation warnings from OpenSSL 3 (pr#47585, Kefu Chai, Adam C. Emerson)

  • Catch exception if thrown by __generate_command_map() (pr#45892, Nikhil Kshirsagar)

  • ceph-fuse: add dedicated snap stag map for each directory (pr#46948, Xiubo Li)

  • ceph-mixin: backport of recent cleanups (pr#46548, Arthur Outhenin-Chalandre)

  • ceph-volume: avoid unnecessary subprocess calls (pr#46968, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: decrease number of pvs calls in lvm list (pr#46966, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: do not call get_device_vgs() per devices (pr#47348, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: do not log sensitive details (pr#46728, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: fix simple scan (pr#47149, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: fix fast device alloc size on mulitple device (pr#47293, Arthur Outhenin-Chalandre)

  • ceph-volume: fix regression in activate (pr#48201, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: make is_valid() optional (pr#46730, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: only warn when config file isn’t found (pr#46070, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume: Quincy backports (pr#47406, Guillaume Abrioux, Zack Cerza, Michael Fritch)

  • ceph-volume: system.get_mounts() refactor (pr#47536, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph-volume/tests: fix test_exception_returns_default (pr#47435, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • ceph.spec.in backports (pr#47549, David Galloway, Kefu Chai, Tim Serong, Casey Bodley, Radoslaw Zarzynski, Radosław Zarzyński)

  • ceph.spec.in: disable system_pmdk on s390x (pr#47251, Ken Dreyer)

  • ceph.spec.in: openSUSE: require gcc11-c++, disable parquet (pr#46155, Tim Serong)

  • ceph.spec: fixing cephadm build deps (pr#47069, Redouane Kachach)

  • cephadm/ceph-volume: fix rm-cluster --zap (pr#47626, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • cephadm/mgr: adding logic to handle --no-overwrite for tuned profiles (pr#47944, Redouane Kachach)

  • cephadm: add “su root root” to cephadm.log logrotate config (pr#47314, Adam King)

  • cephadm: add ‘is_paused’ field in orch status output (pr#46569, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • Cephadm: Allow multiple virtual IP addresses for keepalived and haproxy (pr#47610, Luis Domingues)

  • cephadm: change default keepalived/haproxy container images (pr#46714, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • cephadm: fix incorrect warning (pr#47608, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • cephadm: fix osd adoption with custom cluster name (pr#46551, Adam King)

  • cephadm: Fix repo_gpgkey should return 2 vars (pr#47374, Laurent Barbe)

  • cephadm: improve message when removing osd (pr#47071, Guillaume Abrioux)

  • cephadm: preserve cephadm user during RPM upgrade (pr#46790, Scott Shambarger)

  • cephadm: reduce spam to cephadm.log (pr#47313, Adam King)

  • cephadm: Remove duplicated process args in promtail and loki (pr#47654, jinhong.kim)

  • cephadm: return nonzero exit code when applying spec fails in bootstrap (pr#47952, Adam King)

  • cephadm: support for Oracle Linux 8 (pr#47656, Adam King)

  • cephfs-shell: move source to separate subdirectory (pr#47400, Tim Serong)

  • cephfs-top: display average read/write/metadata latency (issue#48619, pr#47977, Venky Shankar)

  • cephfs-top: fix the rsp/wsp display (pr#47648, Jos Collin)

  • client/fuse: Fix directory DACs overriding for root (pr#46595, Kotresh HR)

  • client: allow overwrites to file with size greater than the max_file_size (pr#47971, Tamar Shacked)

  • client: always return ESTALE directly in handle_reply (pr#46558, Xiubo Li)

  • client: choose auth MDS for getxattr with the Xs caps (pr#46800, Xiubo Li)

  • client: do not release the global snaprealm until unmounting (pr#46495, Xiubo Li)

  • client: Inode::hold_caps_until is time from monotonic clock now (pr#46563, Laura Flores, Neeraj Pratap Singh)

  • client: switch AT_NO_ATTR_SYNC to AT_STATX_DONT_SYNC (pr#46680, Xiubo Li)

  • cmake: disable LTO when building pmdk (pr#47619, Kefu Chai)

  • cmake: pass -Wno-error when building PMDK (pr#46623, Ilya Dryomov)

  • cmake: remove spaces in macro used for compiling cython code (pr#47483, Kefu Chai)

  • cmake: set $PATH for tests using jsonnet tools (pr#47625, Kefu Chai)

  • common/bl: fix FTBFS on C++11 due to C++17’s if-with-initializer (pr#46005, Radosław Zarzyński)

  • common/win32,dokan: include bcrypt.h for NTSTATUS (pr#48016, Lucian Petrut, Kefu Chai)

  • common: fix FTBFS due to dout & need_dynamic on GCC-12 (pr#46214, Radoslaw Zarzynski)

  • common: use boost::shared_mutex on Windows (pr#47493, Lucian Petrut)

  • crash: pthread_mutex_lock() (pr#47683, Patrick Donnelly)

  • crimson: fixes for compiling with fmtlib v8 (pr#47603, Adam C. Emerson, Kefu Chai)

  • doc, crimson: document installing crimson with cephadm (pr#47283, Radoslaw Zarzynski)

  • doc/cephadm/services: fix example for specifying rgw placement (pr#47947, Redouane Kachach)

  • doc/cephadm/services: the config section of service specs (pr#47068, Redouane Kachach)

  • doc/cephadm: add note about OSDs being recreated to OSD removal section (pr#47102, Adam King)

  • doc/cephadm: Add post-upgrade section (pr#47077, Redouane Kachach)

  • doc/cephadm: document the new per-fsid cephadm conf location (pr#47076, Redouane Kachach)

  • doc/cephadm: enhancing daemon operations documentation (pr#47074, Redouane Kachach)

  • doc/cephadm: fix example for specifying networks for rgw (pr#47806, Adam King)

  • doc/dev: add context note to dev guide config (pr#46818, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: add Dependabot section to essentials.rst (pr#47042, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: add IRC registration instructions (pr#46940, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: edit delayed-delete.rst (pr#47051, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: Elaborate on boost .deb creation (pr#47415, David Galloway)

  • doc/dev: s/github/GitHub/ in essentials.rst (pr#47048, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: s/master/main/ essentials.rst dev guide (pr#46661, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: s/master/main/ in basic workflow (pr#46703, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: s/master/main/ in title (pr#46721, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev: s/the the/the/ in basic-workflow.rst (pr#46935, Zac Dover)

  • doc/dev_guide: s/master/main in merging.rst (pr#46709, Zac Dover)

  • doc/index.rst: add link to Dev Guide basic workfl (pr#46904, Zac Dover)

  • doc/man/rbd: Mention changed bluestore_min_alloc_size (pr#47579, Niklas Hambüchen)

  • doc/mgr: add prompt directives to dashboard.rst (pr#47822, Zac Dover)

  • doc/mgr: edit orchestrator.rst (pr#47780, Zac Dover)

  • doc/mgr: update prompts in dboard.rst includes (pr#47869, Zac Dover)

  • doc/rados/operations: add prompts to operating.rst (pr#47586, Zac Dover)

  • doc/radosgw: Uppercase s3 (pr#47359, Anthony D’Atri)

  • doc/start: alphabetize hardware-recs links (pr#46339, Zac Dover)

  • doc/start: make OSD and MDS structures parallel (pr#46655, Zac Dover)

  • doc/start: Polish network section of hardware-recommendations.rst (pr#46665, Anthony D’Atri)

  • doc/start: rewrite CRUSH para (pr#46658, Zac Dover)

  • doc/start: rewrite hardware-recs networks section (pr#46652, Zac Dover)

  • doc/start: update documenting-ceph branch names (pr#47955, Zac Dover)

  • doc/start: update hardware recs (pr#47123, Zac Dover)

  • doc: update docs for centralized logging (pr#46946, Aashish Sharma)

  • doc: Update release process doc to accurately reflect current process (pr#47837, David Galloway)

  • docs: fix doc link pointing to master in dashboard.rst (pr#47789, Nizamudeen A)

  • exporter: per node metric exporter (pr#47629, Pere Diaz Bou, Avan Thakkar)

  • include/buffer: include <memory> (pr#47694, Kefu Chai)

  • install-deps.sh: do not install libpmem from chacra (pr#46900, Kefu Chai)

  • install-deps: script exit on /ValueError: in centos_stream8 (pr#47892, Nizamudeen A)

  • libcephfs: define AT_NO_ATTR_SYNC back for backward compatibility (pr#47861, Xiubo Li)

  • libcephsqlite: ceph-mgr crashes when compiled with gcc12 (pr#47270, Ganesh Maharaj Mahalingam)

  • librados: rados_ioctx_destroy check for initialized ioctx (pr#47452, Nitzan Mordechai)

  • librbd/cache/pwl: narrow the scope of m_lock in write_image_cache_state() (pr#47940, Ilya Dryomov, Yin Congmin)

  • librbd: bail from schedule_request_lock() if already lock owner (pr#47162, Christopher Hoffman)

  • librbd: retry ENOENT in V2_REFRESH_PARENT as well (pr#47996, Ilya Dryomov)

  • librbd: tweak misleading “image is still primary” error message (pr#47248, Ilya Dryomov)

  • librbd: unlink newest mirror snapshot when at capacity, bump capacity (pr#46594, Ilya Dryomov)

  • librbd: update progress for non-existent objects on deep-copy (pr#46910, Ilya Dryomov)

  • librbd: use actual monitor addresses when creating a peer bootstrap token (pr#47912, Ilya Dryomov)

  • mds: clear MDCache::rejoin_*_q queues before recovering file inodes (pr#46681, Xiubo Li)

  • mds: do not assert early on when issuing client leases (issue#54701, pr#46566, Venky Shankar)

  • mds: Don’t blocklist clients in any replay state (pr#47110, Kotresh HR)

  • mds: fix crash when exporting unlinked dir (pr#47181, 胡玮文)

  • mds: flush mdlog if locked and still has wanted caps not satisfied (pr#46494, Xiubo Li)

  • mds: notify the xattr_version to replica MDSes (pr#47057, Xiubo Li)

  • mds: skip fetching the dirfrags if not a directory (pr#47432, Xiubo Li)

  • mds: standby-replay daemon always removed in MDSMonitor::prepare_beacon (pr#47281, Patrick Donnelly)

  • mds: switch to use projected inode instead (pr#47058, Xiubo Li)

  • mgr, mon: Keep upto date metadata with mgr for MONs (pr#46559, Laura Flores, Prashant D)

  • mgr/cephadm: Add disk rescan feature to the orchestrator (pr#47311, Adam King, Paul Cuzner)

  • mgr/cephadm: add parsing for config on osd specs (pr#47268, Luis Domingues)

  • mgr/cephadm: Adding logic to store grafana cert/key per node (pr#47950, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: allow binding to loopback for rgw daemons (pr#47951, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: capture exception when not able to list upgrade tags (pr#46783, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: check for events key before accessing it (pr#47317, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: check if a service exists before trying to restart it (pr#46789, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: clear error message when resuming upgrade (pr#47373, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: don’t try to write client/os tuning profiles to known offline hosts (pr#47953, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: fix handling of draining hosts with explicit placement specs (pr#47657, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: Fix how we check if a host belongs to public network (pr#47946, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: fix the loki address in grafana, promtail configuration files (pr#47171, jinhong.kim)

  • mgr/cephadm: fixing scheduler consistent hashing (pr#47073, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: limiting ingress/keepalived pass to 8 chars (pr#47070, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: recreate osd config when redeploy/reconfiguring (pr#47659, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: set dashboard grafana-api-password when user provides one (pr#47658, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: store device info separately from rest of host cache (pr#46791, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: support for miscellaneous config files for daemons (pr#47312, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: support for os tuning profiles (pr#47316, Adam King)

  • mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for active instance (pr#46793, Tatjana Dehler)

  • mgr/cephadm: use host shortname for osd memory autotuning (pr#47075, Adam King)

  • mgr/dashboard: Add daemon logs tab to Logs component (pr#46807, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard: add flag to automatically deploy loki/promtail service at bootstrap (pr#47623, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard: add required validation for frontend and monitor port (pr#47356, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: added pattern validaton for form input (pr#47329, Pedro Gonzalez Gomez)

  • mgr/dashboard: BDD approach for the dashboard cephadm e2e (pr#46528, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: bump moment from 2.29.1 to 2.29.3 in /src/pybind/mgr/dashboard/frontend (pr#46718, dependabot[bot])

  • mgr/dashboard: bump up teuthology (pr#47498, Kefu Chai)

  • mgr/dashboard: dashboard help command showing wrong syntax for login-banner (pr#46809, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard: display helpfull message when the iframe-embedded Grafana dashboard failed to load (pr#47007, Ngwa Sedrick Meh)

  • mgr/dashboard: do not recommend throughput for ssd’s only cluster (pr#47156, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: don’t log tracebacks on 404s (pr#47094, Ernesto Puerta)

  • mgr/dashboard: enable addition of custom Prometheus alerts (pr#47942, Patrick Seidensal)

  • mgr/dashboard: ensure limit 0 returns 0 images (pr#47887, Pere Diaz Bou)

  • mgr/dashboard: Feature 54330 osd creation workflow (pr#46686, Pere Diaz Bou, Nizamudeen A, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix _rbd_image_refs caching (pr#47635, Pere Diaz Bou)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix nfs exports form issues with squash field (pr#47961, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix unmanaged service creation (pr#48025, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: grafana frontend e2e testing and update cypress (pr#47703, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: Hide maintenance option on expand cluster (pr#47724, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: host list tables doesn’t show all services deployed (pr#47453, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: Improve monitoring tabs content (pr#46990, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard: ingress backend service should list all supported services (pr#47085, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: iops optimized option enabled (pr#46819, Pere Diaz Bou)

  • mgr/dashboard: iterate through copy of items (pr#46871, Pedro Gonzalez Gomez)

  • mgr/dashboard: prevent alert redirect (pr#47146, Tatjana Dehler)

  • mgr/dashboard: rbd image pagination (pr#47104, Pere Diaz Bou, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: rbd striping setting pre-population and pop-over (pr#47409, Vrushal Chaudhari)

  • mgr/dashboard: rbd-mirror batch backport (pr#46532, Pedro Gonzalez Gomez, Pere Diaz Bou, Nizamudeen A, Melissa Li, Sarthak0702, Avan Thakkar, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard: remove token logging (pr#47430, Pere Diaz Bou)

  • mgr/dashboard: Show error on creating service with duplicate service id (pr#47403, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/dashboard: stop polling when page is not visible (pr#46672, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard:Get different storage class metrics in Prometheus dashboard (pr#47201, Aashish Sharma)

  • mgr/nfs: validate virtual_ip parameter (pr#46794, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/orchestrator/tests: don’t match exact whitespace in table output (pr#47858, Adam King)

  • mgr/rook: fix error when trying to get the list of nfs services pr#48199, Juan Miguel Olmo)

  • mgr/snap_schedule: replace .snap with the client configured snap dir name (pr#47734, Milind Changire, Venky Shankar, Neeraj Pratap Singh)

  • mgr/snap_schedule: Use rados.Ioctx.remove_object() instead of remove() (pr#48013, Andreas Teuchert)

  • mgr/telemetry: add perf_memory_metrics collection to telemetry (pr#47826, Laura Flores)

  • mgr/telemetry: handle daemons with complex ids (pr#48283, Laura Flores)

  • mgr/telemetry: reset health warning after re-opting-in (pr#47289, Yaarit Hatuka)

  • mgr/volumes: add interface to check the presence of subvolumegroups/subvolumes (pr#47474, Neeraj Pratap Singh)

  • mgr/volumes: Add volume info command (pr#47768, Neeraj Pratap Singh)

  • mgr/volumes: Few mgr volumes backports (pr#47894, Rishabh Dave, Kotresh HR, Nikhilkumar Shelke)

  • mgr/volumes: filter internal directories in ‘subvolumegroup ls’ command (pr#47511, Nikhilkumar Shelke)

  • mgr/volumes: Fix subvolume creation in FIPS enabled system (pr#47368, Kotresh HR)

  • mgr/volumes: prevent intermittent ParsingError failure in “clone cancel” (pr#47747, John Mulligan)

  • mgr/volumes: remove incorrect ‘size’ from output of ‘snapshot info’ (pr#46804, Nikhilkumar Shelke)

  • mgr/volumes: subvolume ls command crashes if groupname as ‘_nogroup’ (pr#46805, Nikhilkumar Shelke)

  • mgr/volumes: subvolumegroup quotas (pr#46667, Kotresh HR)

  • mgr: Define PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN ahead of every Python.h (pr#47616, Pete Zaitcev, Kefu Chai)

  • mgr: relax “pending_service_map.epoch > service_map.epoch” assert (pr#46738, Mykola Golub)

  • mirror snapshot schedule and trash purge schedule fixes (pr#46781, Ilya Dryomov)

  • mon/ConfigMonitor: fix config get key with whitespace (pr#47381, Nitzan Mordechai)

  • mon/Elector: notify_rank_removed erase rank from both live_pinging and dead_pinging sets for highest ranked MON (pr#47086, Kamoltat)

  • mon/MDSMonitor: fix standby-replay mds being removed from MDSMap unexpectedly (pr#47902, 胡玮文)

  • mon/OSDMonitor: Ensure kvmon() is writeable before handling “osd new” cmd (pr#46689, Sridhar Seshasayee)

  • monitoring/ceph-mixin: OSD overview typo fix (pr#47387, Tatjana Dehler)

  • monitoring: ceph mixin backports (pr#47867, Aswin Toni, Arthur Outhenin-Chalandre, Anthony D’Atri, Tatjana Dehler)

  • msg: fix deadlock when handling existing but closed v2 connection (pr#47930, Radosław Zarzyński)

  • msg: Fix Windows IPv6 support (pr#47302, Lucian Petrut)

  • msg: Log at higher level when Throttle::get_or_fail() fails (pr#47765, Brad Hubbard)

  • msg: reset ProtocolV2’s frame assembler in appropriate thread (pr#47931, Radoslaw Zarzynski)

  • os/bluestore: fix AU accounting in bluestore_cache_other mempool (pr#47339, Igor Fedotov)

  • os/bluestore: Fix collision between BlueFS and BlueStore deferred writes (pr#47297, Adam Kupczyk)

  • osd, mds: fix the “heap” admin cmd printing always to error stream (pr#47825, Radoslaw Zarzynski)

  • osd, tools, kv: non-aggressive, on-line trimming of accumulated dups (pr#47688, Radoslaw Zarzynski, Nitzan Mordechai)

  • osd/scrub: do not start scrubbing if the PG is snap-trimming (pr#46498, Ronen Friedman)

  • osd/scrub: late-arriving reservation grants are not an error (pr#46872, Ronen Friedman)

  • osd/scrub: Reintroduce scrub starts message (pr#47621, Prashant D)

  • osd/scrubber/pg_scrubber.cc: fix bug where scrub machine gets stuck (pr#46844, Cory Snyder)

  • osd/SnapMapper: fix legacy key conversion in snapmapper class (pr#47133, Manuel Lausch, Matan Breizman)

  • osd: Handle oncommits and wait for future work items from mClock queue (pr#47490, Sridhar Seshasayee)

  • osd: return ENOENT if pool information is invalid during tier-flush (pr#47929, Myoungwon Oh)

  • osd: Set initial mClock QoS params at CONF_DEFAULT level (pr#47020, Sridhar Seshasayee)

  • PendingReleaseNotes: Note the fix for high CPU utilization during recovery (pr#48004, Sridhar Seshasayee)

  • pybind/mgr/cephadm/serve: don’t remove ceph.conf which leads to qa failure (pr#47072, Dhairya Parmar)

  • pybind/mgr/dashboard: do not use distutils.version.StrictVersion (pr#47602, Kefu Chai)

  • pybind/mgr/pg_autoscaler: change overlapping roots to warning (pr#47519, Kamoltat)

  • pybind/mgr: ceph osd status crash with ZeroDivisionError (pr#46697, Nitzan Mordechai)

  • pybind/mgr: fix flake8 (pr#47391, Avan Thakkar)

  • python-common: allow crush device class to be set from osd service spec (pr#46792, Cory Snyder)

  • qa/cephadm: specify using container host distros for workunits (pr#47910, Adam King)

  • qa/cephfs: fallback to older way of get_op_read_count (pr#46899, Dhairya Parmar)

  • qa/suites/rbd/pwl-cache: ensure recovery is actually tested (pr#47129, Ilya Dryomov, Yin Congmin)

  • qa/suites/rbd: disable workunit timeout for dynamic_features_no_cache (pr#47159, Ilya Dryomov)

  • qa/suites/rbd: place cache file on tmpfs for xfstests (pr#46598, Ilya Dryomov)

  • qa/tasks/ceph_manager.py: increase test_pool_min_size timeout (pr#47445, Kamoltat)

  • qa/workunits/cephadm: update test_repos master -> main (pr#47315, Adam King)

  • qa: wait rank 0 to become up:active state before mounting fuse client (pr#46801, Xiubo Li)

  • quincy -- sse s3 changes (pr#46467, Casey Bodley, Marcus Watts, Priya Sehgal)

  • rbd-fuse: librados will filter out -r option from command-line (pr#46954, wanwencong)

  • rbd-mirror: don’t prune non-primary snapshot when restarting delta sync (pr#46591, Ilya Dryomov)

  • rbd-mirror: generally skip replay/resync if remote image is not primary (pr#46814, Ilya Dryomov)

  • rbd-mirror: remove bogus completed_non_primary_snapshots_exist check (pr#47126, Ilya Dryomov)

  • rbd-mirror: resume pending shutdown on error in snapshot replayer (pr#47914, Ilya Dryomov)

  • rbd: don’t default empty pool name unless namespace is specified (pr#47144, Ilya Dryomov)

  • rbd: find_action() should sort actions first (pr#47584, Ilya Dryomov)

  • RGW - Swift retarget needs bucket set on object (pr#46719, Daniel Gryniewicz)

  • rgw/backport/quincy: Fix crashes with Sync policy APIs (pr#47993, Soumya Koduri)

  • rgw/dbstore: Fix build errors on centos9 (pr#46915, Soumya Koduri)

  • rgw: Avoid segfault when OPA authz is enabled (pr#46107, Benoît Knecht)

  • rgw: better tenant id from the uri on anonymous access (pr#47342, Rafał Wądołowski, Marcus Watts)

  • rgw: check object storage_class when check_disk_state (pr#46580, Huber-ming)

  • rgw: data sync uses yield_spawn_window() (pr#45714, Casey Bodley)

  • rgw: Fix data race in ChangeStatus (pr#47195, Adam C. Emerson)

  • rgw: Guard against malformed bucket URLs (pr#47191, Adam C. Emerson)

  • rgw: log access key id in ops logs (pr#46624, Cory Snyder)

  • rgw: reopen ops log file on sighup (pr#46625, Cory Snyder)

  • rgw_rest_user_policy: Fix GetUserPolicy & ListUserPolicies responses (pr#47235, Sumedh A. Kulkarni)

  • rgwlc: fix segfault resharding during lc (pr#46742, Mark Kogan)

  • script/build-integration-branch: add quincy to the list of releases (pr#46361, Yuri Weinstein)

  • SimpleRADOSStriper: Avoid moving bufferlists by using deque in read() (pr#47909, Matan Breizman)

  • src/mgr/DaemonServer.cc: fix typo in output gap >= max_pg_num_change (pr#47210, Kamoltat)

  • test/lazy-omap-stats: Various enhancements (pr#47932, Brad Hubbard)

  • test/{librbd, rgw}: increase delay between and number of bind attempts (pr#48023, Ilya Dryomov)

  • test/{librbd, rgw}: retry when bind fail with port 0 (pr#47980, Kefu Chai)

  • tooling: Change mrun to use bash (pr#46076, Adam C. Emerson)

  • tools: ceph-objectstore-tool is able to trim pg log dups’ entries (pr#46706, Radosław Zarzyński)

  • win32_deps_build.sh: master -> main for wnbd (pr#46763, Ilya Dryomov)

v17.2.3 Quincy

This is a hotfix release that addresses a libcephsqlite crash in the mgr.

Notable Changes


  • libcephsqlite: ceph-mgr crashes when compiled with gcc12 (pr#47270, Ganesh Maharaj Mahalingam)

v17.2.2 Quincy

This is a hotfix release that resolves two security flaws.

Notable Changes

  • Users who were running OpenStack Manila to export native CephFS, who upgraded their Ceph cluster from Nautilus (or earlier) to a later major version, were vulnerable to an attack by malicious users. The vulnerability allowed users to obtain access to arbitrary portions of the CephFS filesystem hierarchy, instead of being properly restricted to their own subvolumes. The vulnerability is due to a bug in the “volumes” plugin in Ceph Manager. This plugin is responsible for managing Ceph File System subvolumes which are used by OpenStack Manila services as a way to provide shares to Manila users.

    With this hotfix, the vulnerability is fixed. Administrators who are concerned they may have been impacted should audit the CephX keys in their cluster for proper path restrictions.

    Again, this vulnerability only impacts OpenStack Manila clusters which provided native CephFS access to their users.

  • A regression made it possible to dereference a null pointer for for s3website requests that don’t refer to a bucket resulting in an RGW segfault.


v17.2.1 Quincy

This is the first bugfix release of Ceph Quincy.

Notable Changes

  • The “BlueStore zero block detection” feature (first introduced to Quincy in https://github.com/ceph/ceph/pull/43337) has been turned off by default with a new global option called bluestore_zero_block_detection. This feature, intended for large-scale synthetic testing, does not interact well with some RBD and CephFS features. Any side effects experienced in previous Quincy versions would no longer occur, provided that the config option remains set to false. Relevant tracker: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/55521

  • telemetry: Added new Rook metrics to the ‘basic’ channel to report Rook’s version, Kubernetes version, node metrics, etc. See a sample report with ceph telemetry preview. Opt-in with ceph telemetry on.

    For more details, see:


  • Add offline dup op trimming ability in the ceph-objectstore-tool. Relevant tracker: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/53729

  • Fixes a bug with cluster logs not being populated after log rotation. Relevant tracker: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/55383


  • .github/CODEOWNERS: tag core devs on core PRs (pr#46519, Neha Ojha)

  • .github: continue on error and reorder milestone step (pr#46447, Ernesto Puerta)

  • [quincy] mgr/alerts: Add Message-Id and Date header to sent emails (pr#46311, Lorenz Bausch)

  • ceph-fuse: ignore fuse mount failure if path is already mounted (pr#45939, Nikhilkumar Shelke)

  • ceph.in: clarify the usage of --format in the ceph command (pr#46246, Laura Flores)

  • ceph.spec.in: disable annobin plugin if compile with gcc-toolset (pr#46377, Kefu Chai)

  • ceph.spec.in: remove build directory at end of %install (pr#45697, Tim Serong)

  • ceph.spec.in: Use libthrift-devel on SUSE distros (pr#45700, Tim Serong)

  • ceph.spec: make ninja-build package install always (pr#45875, Deepika Upadhyay)

  • Cephadm Batch Backport April (pr#46055, Adam King, Lukas Mayer, Ken Dreyer, Redouane Kachach, Aashish Sharma, Avan Thakkar, Moritz Röhrich, Teoman ONAY, Melissa Li, Christoph Glaubitz, Guillaume Abrioux, wangyunqing, Joseph Sawaya, Matan Breizman, Pere Diaz Bou, Michael Fritch, Patrick C. F. Ernzer)

  • Cephadm Batch Backport May (pr#46360, John Mulligan, Adam King, Prashant D, Redouane Kachach, Aashish Sharma, Ramana Raja, Ville Ojamo)

  • cephadm: infer the default container image during pull (pr#45568, Michael Fritch)

  • cephadm: preserve authorized_keys file during upgrade (pr#45359, Michael Fritch)

  • cephadm: prometheus: The generatorURL in alerts is only using hostname (pr#46353, Volker Theile)

  • cephfs-shell: fix put and get cmd (pr#46300, Dhairya Parmar, dparmar18)

  • cephfs-top: Multiple filesystem support (pr#46147, Neeraj Pratap Singh)

  • client: add option to disable collecting and sending metrics (pr#46476, Xiubo Li)

  • cls/rgw: rgw_dir_suggest_changes detects race with completion (pr#45901, Casey Bodley)

  • cmake/modules: always use the python3 specified in command line (pr#45966, Kefu Chai)

  • cmake/rgw: add missing dependency on Arrow::Arrow (pr#46144, Casey Bodley)

  • cmake: resurrect mutex debugging in all Debug builds (pr#45913, Ilya Dryomov)

  • cmake: WITH_SYSTEM_UTF8PROC defaults to OFF (pr#45766, Casey Bodley)

  • CODEOWNERS: add RBD team (pr#46542, Ilya Dryomov)

  • debian: include the new object_format.py file (pr#46409, John Mulligan)

  • doc/cephfs/add-remove-mds: added cephadm note, refined “Adding an MDS” (pr#45879, Dhairya Parmar)

  • doc/dev: update basic-workflow.rst (pr#46287, Zac Dover)

  • doc/mgr/dashboard: Fix typo and double slash missing from URL (pr#46075, Ville Ojamo)

  • doc/start: add testing support information (pr#45988, Zac Dover)

  • doc/start: s/3/three/ in intro.rst (pr#46325, Zac Dover)

  • doc/start: update “memory” in hardware-recs.rst (pr#46449, Zac Dover)

  • Implement CIDR blocklisting (pr#46469, Jos Collin, Greg Farnum)

  • librbd/cache/pwl: fix bit field endianness issue (pr#46094, Yin Congmin)

  • mds: add a perf counter to record slow replies (pr#46156, haoyixing)

  • mds: include encoded stray inode when sending dentry unlink message to replicas (issue#54046, pr#46184, Venky Shankar)

  • mds: reset heartbeat when fetching or committing entries (pr#46181, Xiubo Li)

  • mds: trigger to flush the mdlog in handle_find_ino() (pr#46497, Xiubo Li)

  • mgr/cephadm: Adding python natsort module (pr#46065, Redouane Kachach)

  • mgr/cephadm: try to get FQDN for configuration files (pr#45665, Tatjana Dehler)

  • mgr/dashboard: don’t log 3xx as errors (pr#46453, Ernesto Puerta)

  • mgr/dashboard: Compare values of MTU alert by device (pr#45814, Aashish Sharma, Patrick Seidensal)

  • mgr/dashboard: Creating and editing Prometheus AlertManager silences is buggy (pr#46278, Volker Theile)

  • mgr/dashboard: customizable log-in page text/banner (pr#46342, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard: datatable in Cluster Host page hides wrong column on selection (pr#45862, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard: extend daemon actions to host details (pr#45722, Aashish Sharma, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix columns in host table with NaN Undefined (pr#46446, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix ssl cert validation for ingress service creation (pr#46203, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: fix wrong pg status processing (pr#46229, Ernesto Puerta)

  • mgr/dashboard: form field validation icons overlap with other icons (pr#46380, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard: highlight the search text in cluster logs (pr#45679, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard: Imrove error message of ‘/api/grafana/validation’ API endpoint (pr#45957, Volker Theile)

  • mgr/dashboard: introduce memory and cpu usage for daemons (pr#46220, Aashish Sharma, Avan Thakkar)

  • mgr/dashboard: Language dropdown box is partly hidden on login page (pr#45619, Volker Theile)

  • mgr/dashboard: RGW users and buckets tables are empty if the selected gateway is down (pr#45867, Volker Theile)

  • mgr/dashboard: Table columns hiding fix (issue#51119, pr#45724, Daniel Persson)

  • mgr/dashboard: unselect rows in datatables (pr#46323, Sarthak0702)

  • mgr/dashboard: WDC multipath bug fixes (pr#46455, Nizamudeen A)

  • mgr/stats: be resilient to offline MDS rank-0 (pr#45291, Jos Collin)

  • mgr/telemetry: add Rook data (pr#46486, Yaarit Hatuka)

  • mgr/volumes: Fix idempotent subvolume rm (pr#46140, Kotresh HR)

  • mgr/volumes: set, get, list and remove metadata of snapshot (pr#46508, Nikhilkumar Shelke)

  • mgr/volumes: set, get, list and remove metadata of subvolume (pr#45994, Nikhilkumar Shelke)

  • mgr/volumes: Show clone failure reason in clone status command (pr#45927, Kotresh HR)

  • mon/LogMonitor: reopen log files on SIGHUP (pr#46374, 胡玮文)

  • mon/OSDMonitor: properly set last_force_op_resend in stretch mode (pr#45871, Ilya Dryomov)

  • mount/conf: Fix IPv6 parsing (pr#46113, Matan Breizman)

  • os/bluestore: set upper and lower bounds on rocksdb omap iterators (pr#46175, Adam Kupczyk, Cory Snyder)

  • os/bluestore: turn bluestore zero block detection off by default (pr#46468, Laura Flores)

  • osd/PGLog.cc: Trim duplicates by number of entries (pr#46251, Nitzan Mordechai)

  • osd/scrub: ignoring unsolicited DigestUpdate events (pr#45595, Ronen Friedman)

  • osd/scrub: restart snap trimming after a failed scrub (pr#46418, Ronen Friedman)

  • osd: return appropriate error if the object is not manifest (pr#46061, Myoungwon Oh)

  • qa/suites/rados/thrash-erasure-code-big/thrashers: add osd max backfills setting to mapgap and pggrow (pr#46384, Laura Flores)

  • qa/tasks/cephadm_cases: increase timeouts in test_cli.py (pr#45625, Adam King)

  • qa: add filesystem/file sync stuck test support (pr#46496, Xiubo Li)

  • qa: fix teuthology master branch ref (pr#46503, Ernesto Puerta)

  • qa: remove .teuthology_branch file (pr#46491, Jeff Layton)

  • Quincy: client: stop forwarding the request when exceeding 256 times (pr#46178, Xiubo Li)

  • Quincy: Wip doc backport quincy release notes to quincy branch 2022 05 24 (pr#46381, Neha Ojha, David Galloway, Josh Durgin, Ilya Dryomov, Ernesto Puerta, Sridhar Seshasayee, Zac Dover, Yaarit Hatuka)

  • rbd persistent cache UX improvements (status report, metrics, flush command) (pr#45896, Ilya Dryomov, Yin Congmin)

  • rgw: OpsLogFile::stop() signals under mutex (pr#46038, Casey Bodley)

  • rgw: remove rgw_rados_pool_pg_num_min and its use on pool creation use the cluster defaults for pg_num_min (pr#46234, Casey Bodley)

  • rgw: RGWCoroutine::set_sleeping() checks for null stack (pr#46041, Or Friedmann, Casey Bodley)

  • rgw_reshard: drop olh entries with empty name (pr#45846, Dan van der Ster)

  • rocksdb: build with rocksdb-7.y.z (pr#46492, Kaleb S. KEITHLEY)

  • rpm: use system libpmem on Centos 9 Stream (pr#46212, Ilya Dryomov)

  • run-make-check.sh: enable RBD persistent caches (pr#45992, Ilya Dryomov)

  • test/rbd_mirror: grab timer lock before calling add_event_after() (pr#45905, Ilya Dryomov)

  • test: fix TierFlushDuringFlush to wait until dedup_tier is set on base pool (issue#53855, pr#45624, Sungmin Lee)

  • test: No direct use of nose (pr#46254, Steve Kowalik)

  • Wip doc pr 46109 backport to quincy (pr#46116, Ville Ojamo)

v17.2.0 Quincy

This is the first stable release of Ceph Quincy.

Major Changes from Pacific


  • Filestore has been deprecated in Quincy. BlueStore is Ceph’s default object store.

  • The ceph-mgr-modules-core debian package no longer recommends ceph-mgr-rook. ceph-mgr-rook depends on python3-numpy, which cannot be imported in different Python sub-interpreters multiple times when the version of python3-numpy is older than 1.19. Because apt-get installs the Recommends packages by default, ceph-mgr-rook was always installed along with the ceph-mgr debian package as an indirect dependency. If your workflow depends on this behavior, you might want to install ceph-mgr-rook separately.

  • The device_health_metrics pool has been renamed .mgr. It is now used as a common store for all ceph-mgr modules. After upgrading to Quincy, the device_health_metrics pool will be renamed to .mgr on existing clusters.

  • The ceph pg dump command now prints three additional columns: LAST_SCRUB_DURATION shows the duration (in seconds) of the last completed scrub; SCRUB_SCHEDULING conveys whether a PG is scheduled to be scrubbed at a specified time, whether it is queued for scrubbing, or whether it is being scrubbed; OBJECTS_SCRUBBED shows the number of objects scrubbed in a PG after a scrub begins.

  • A health warning is now reported if the require-osd-release flag is not set to the appropriate release after a cluster upgrade.

  • LevelDB support has been removed. WITH_LEVELDB is no longer a supported build option. Users should migrate their monitors and OSDs to RocksDB before upgrading to Quincy.

  • Cephadm: osd_memory_target_autotune is enabled by default, which sets mgr/cephadm/autotune_memory_target_ratio to 0.7 of total RAM. This is unsuitable for hyperconverged infrastructures. For hyperconverged Ceph, please refer to the documentation or set mgr/cephadm/autotune_memory_target_ratio to 0.2.

  • telemetry: Improved the opt-in flow so that users can keep sharing the same data, even when new data collections are available. A new ‘perf’ channel that collects various performance metrics is now available for operators to opt into with: ceph telemetry on ceph telemetry enable channel perf See a sample report with ceph telemetry preview. Note that generating a telemetry report with ‘perf’ channel data might take a few moments in big clusters. For more details, see: https://docs.ceph.com/en/quincy/mgr/telemetry/

  • MGR: The progress module disables the pg recovery event by default since the event is expensive and has interrupted other services when there are OSDs being marked in/out from the cluster. However, the user can still enable this event anytime. For more detail, see:


  • https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/55383 is a known issue - to continue to log cluster log messages to file, run ceph config set mon mon_cluster_log_to_file true after every log rotation.


  • SNMP Support

  • Colocation of Daemons (mgr, mds, rgw)

  • osd memory autotuning

  • Integration with new NFS mgr module

  • Ability to zap osds as they are removed

  • cephadm agent for increased performance/scalability


  • Day 1: the new “Cluster Expansion Wizard” will guide users through post-install steps: adding new hosts, storage devices or services.

  • NFS: the Dashboard now allows users to fully manage all NFS exports from a single place.

  • New mgr module (feedback): users can quickly report Ceph tracker issues or suggestions directly from the Dashboard or the CLI.

  • New “Message of the Day”: cluster admins can publish a custom message in a banner.

  • Cephadm integration improvements:
    • Host management: maintenance, specs and labelling,

    • Service management: edit and display logs,

    • Daemon management (start, stop, restart, reload),

    • New services supported: ingress (HAProxy) and SNMP-gateway.

  • Monitoring and alerting:
    • 43 new alerts have been added (totalling 68) improving observability of events affecting: cluster health, monitors, storage devices, PGs and CephFS.

    • Alerts can now be sent externally as SNMP traps via the new SNMP gateway service (the MIB is provided).

    • Improved integrated full/nearfull event notifications.

    • Grafana Dashboards now use grafonnet format (though they’re still available in JSON format).

    • Stack update: images for monitoring containers have been updated. Grafana 8.3.5, Prometheus 2.33.4, Alertmanager 0.23.0 and Node Exporter 1.3.1. This reduced exposure to several Grafana vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-43798, CVE-2021-39226, CVE-2021-43798, CVE-2020-29510, CVE-2020-29511).


  • OSD: Ceph now uses mclock_scheduler for BlueStore OSDs as its default osd_op_queue to provide QoS. The ‘mclock_scheduler’ is not supported for Filestore OSDs. Therefore, the default ‘osd_op_queue’ is set to wpq for Filestore OSDs and is enforced even if the user attempts to change it. For more details on configuring mclock see,


    An outstanding issue exists during runtime where the mclock config options related to reservation, weight and limit cannot be modified after switching to the custom mclock profile using the ceph config set … command. This is tracked by: https://tracker.ceph.com/issues/55153. Until the issue is fixed, users are advised to avoid using the ‘custom’ profile or use the workaround mentioned in the tracker.

  • MGR: The pg_autoscaler can now be turned on and off globally with the noautoscale flag. By default, it is set to on, but this flag can come in handy to prevent rebalancing triggered by autoscaling during cluster upgrade and maintenance. Pools can now be created with the --bulk flag, which allows the autoscaler to allocate more PGs to such pools. This can be useful to get better out of the box performance for data-heavy pools.

    For more details about autoscaling, see: https://docs.ceph.com/en/quincy/rados/operations/placement-groups/

  • OSD: Support for on-wire compression for osd-osd communication, off by default.

    For more details about compression modes, see: https://docs.ceph.com/en/quincy/rados/configuration/msgr2/#compression-modes

  • OSD: Concise reporting of slow operations in the cluster log. The old and more verbose logging behavior can be regained by setting osd_aggregated_slow_ops_logging to false.

  • the “kvs” Ceph object class is not packaged anymore. The “kvs” Ceph object class offers a distributed flat b-tree key-value store that is implemented on top of the librados objects omap. Because there are no existing internal users of this object class, it is not packaged anymore.

RBD block storage

  • rbd-nbd: rbd device attach and rbd device detach commands added, these allow for safe reattach after rbd-nbd daemon is restarted since Linux kernel 5.14.

  • rbd-nbd: notrim map option added to support thick-provisioned images, similar to krbd.

  • Large stabilization effort for client-side persistent caching on SSD devices, also available in 16.2.8. For details on usage, see:


  • Several bug fixes in diff calculation when using fast-diff image feature + whole object (inexact) mode. In some rare cases these long-standing issues could cause an incorrect rbd export. Also fixed in 15.2.16 and 16.2.8.

  • Fix for a potential performance degradation when running Windows VMs on krbd. For details, see rxbounce map option description:


RGW object storage

  • RGW now supports rate limiting by user and/or by bucket. With this feature it is possible to limit user and/or bucket, the total operations and/or bytes per minute can be delivered. This feature allows the admin to limit only READ operations and/or WRITE operations. The rate-limiting configuration could be applied on all users and all buckets by using global configuration.

  • radosgw-admin realm delete has been renamed to radosgw-admin realm rm. This is consistent with the help message.

  • S3 bucket notification events now contain an eTag key instead of etag, and eventName values no longer carry the s3: prefix, fixing deviations from the message format that is observed on AWS.

  • It is possible to specify ssl options and ciphers for beast frontend now. The default ssl options setting is “no_sslv2:no_sslv3:no_tlsv1:no_tlsv1_1”. If you want to return to the old behavior, add ‘ssl_options=’ (empty) to the rgw frontends configuration.

  • The behavior for Multipart Upload was modified so that only CompleteMultipartUpload notification is sent at the end of the multipart upload. The POST notification at the beginning of the upload and the PUT notifications that were sent on each part are no longer sent.

CephFS distributed file system

  • fs: A file system can be created with a specific ID (“fscid”). This is useful in certain recovery scenarios (for example, when a monitor database has been lost and rebuilt, and the restored file system is expected to have the same ID as before).

  • fs: A file system can be renamed using the fs rename command. Any cephx credentials authorized for the old file system name will need to be reauthorized to the new file system name. Since the operations of the clients using these re-authorized IDs may be disrupted, this command requires the “--yes-i-really-mean-it” flag. Also, mirroring is expected to be disabled on the file system.

  • MDS upgrades no longer require all standby MDS daemons to be stoped before upgrading a file systems’s sole active MDS.

  • CephFS: Failure to replay the journal by a standby-replay daemon now causes the rank to be marked “damaged”.

Upgrading from Octopus or Pacific

Quincy does not support LevelDB. Please migrate your OSDs and monitors to RocksDB before upgrading to Quincy.

Before starting, make sure your cluster is stable and healthy (no down or recovering OSDs). (This is optional, but recommended.) You can disable the autoscaler for all pools during the upgrade using the noautoscale flag.


You can monitor the progress of your upgrade at each stage with the ceph versions command, which will tell you what ceph version(s) are running for each type of daemon.

Upgrading cephadm clusters

If your cluster is deployed with cephadm (first introduced in Octopus), then the upgrade process is entirely automated. To initiate the upgrade,

ceph orch upgrade start --ceph-version 17.2.0

The same process is used to upgrade to future minor releases.

Upgrade progress can be monitored with ceph -s (which provides a simple progress bar) or more verbosely with

ceph -W cephadm

The upgrade can be paused or resumed with

ceph orch upgrade pause   # to pause
ceph orch upgrade resume  # to resume

or canceled with

ceph orch upgrade stop

Note that canceling the upgrade simply stops the process; there is no ability to downgrade back to Octopus or Pacific.

Upgrading non-cephadm clusters


If you cluster is running Octopus (15.2.x) or later, you might choose to first convert it to use cephadm so that the upgrade to Quincy is automated (see above). For more information, see Converting an existing cluster to cephadm.

  1. Set the noout flag for the duration of the upgrade. (Optional, but recommended.):

    ceph osd set noout
  2. Upgrade monitors by installing the new packages and restarting the monitor daemons. For example, on each monitor host,:

    systemctl restart ceph-mon.target

    Once all monitors are up, verify that the monitor upgrade is complete by looking for the quincy string in the mon map. The command:

    ceph mon dump | grep min_mon_release

    should report:

    min_mon_release 17 (quincy)

    If it doesn’t, that implies that one or more monitors hasn’t been upgraded and restarted and/or the quorum does not include all monitors.

  3. Upgrade ceph-mgr daemons by installing the new packages and restarting all manager daemons. For example, on each manager host,:

    systemctl restart ceph-mgr.target

    Verify the ceph-mgr daemons are running by checking ceph -s:

    ceph -s
       mon: 3 daemons, quorum foo,bar,baz
       mgr: foo(active), standbys: bar, baz
  4. Upgrade all OSDs by installing the new packages and restarting the ceph-osd daemons on all OSD hosts:

    systemctl restart ceph-osd.target
  5. Upgrade all CephFS MDS daemons. For each CephFS file system,

    1. Disable standby_replay. Before executing, note the current value so that it may be re-enabled after the upgrade (if currently enabled):

      ceph fs get <fs_name> | grep allow_standby_replay
      ceph fs set <fs_name> allow_standby_replay false
    2. Reduce the number of ranks to 1. (Make note of the original number of MDS daemons first if you plan to restore it later.):

      ceph fs status
      ceph fs set <fs_name> max_mds 1
    3. Wait for the cluster to deactivate any non-zero ranks by periodically checking the status:

      ceph fs status
    4. Take all standby MDS daemons offline on the appropriate hosts with:

      systemctl stop ceph-mds@<daemon_name>
    5. Confirm that only one MDS is online and is rank 0 for your FS:

      ceph fs status
    6. Upgrade the last remaining MDS daemon by installing the new packages and restarting the daemon:

      systemctl restart ceph-mds.target
    7. Restart all standby MDS daemons that were taken offline:

      systemctl start ceph-mds.target
    8. Restore the original value of max_mds for the volume:

      ceph fs set <fs_name> max_mds <original_max_mds>
    1. Restore the original value of allow_standby_replay for the volume if it was true:

    ceph fs set <fs_name> allow_standby_replay true
  6. Upgrade all radosgw daemons by upgrading packages and restarting daemons on all hosts:

    systemctl restart ceph-radosgw.target
  7. Complete the upgrade by disallowing pre-Quincy OSDs and enabling all new Quincy-only functionality:

    ceph osd require-osd-release quincy
  8. If you set noout at the beginning, be sure to clear it with:

    ceph osd unset noout
  9. Consider transitioning your cluster to use the cephadm deployment and orchestration framework to simplify cluster management and future upgrades. For more information on converting an existing cluster to cephadm, see Converting an existing cluster to cephadm.


  1. Verify the cluster is healthy with ceph health. If your cluster is running Filestore, a deprecation warning is expected. This warning can be temporarily muted using the following command:

    ceph health mute OSD_FILESTORE
  2. If you are upgrading from Mimic, or did not already do so when you upgraded to Nautilus, we recommend you enable the new v2 network protocol, issue the following command:

    ceph mon enable-msgr2

    This will instruct all monitors that bind to the old default port 6789 for the legacy v1 protocol to also bind to the new 3300 v2 protocol port. To see if all monitors have been updated, run this:

    ceph mon dump

    and verify that each monitor has both a v2: and v1: address listed.

  3. Consider enabling the telemetry module to send anonymized usage statistics and crash information to the Ceph upstream developers. To see what would be reported (without actually sending any information to anyone),:

    ceph telemetry preview-all

    If you are comfortable with the data that is reported, you can opt-in to automatically report the high-level cluster metadata with:

    ceph telemetry on

    The public dashboard that aggregates Ceph telemetry can be found at https://telemetry-public.ceph.com/.

    For more information about the telemetry module, see the documentation.

Upgrading from pre-Octopus releases (like Nautilus)

You must first upgrade to Octopus (15.2.z) or Pacific (16.2.z) before upgrading to Quincy.