Tracing Services

Jaeger Tracing

Ceph uses Jaeger as the tracing backend. in order to use tracing, we need to deploy those services.

Further details on tracing in ceph:

Ceph Tracing documentation


Jaeger services consist of 3 services:

  1. Jaeger Agent

  2. Jaeger Collector

  3. Jaeger Query

Jaeger requires a database for the traces. we use ElasticSearch (version 6) by default.

To deploy jaeger tracing service, when not using your own ElasticSearch:

  1. Deploy jaeger services, with a new elasticsearch container:

    ceph orch apply jaeger
  2. Deploy jaeger services, with existing elasticsearch cluster and existing jaeger query (deploy agents and collectors):

    ceph orch apply jaeger --without-query --es_nodes=ip:port,..