ceph-debugpack -- ceph debug packer utility


ceph-debugpack [ options ] filename.tar.gz


ceph-debugpack will build a tarball containing various items that are useful for debugging crashes. The resulting tarball can be shared with Ceph developers when debugging a problem.

The tarball will include the binaries for ceph-mds, ceph-osd, and ceph-mon, radosgw, any log files, the ceph.conf configuration file, any core files we can find, and (if the system is running) dumps of the current cluster state as reported by ‘ceph report’.


-c ceph.conf, --conf=ceph.conf

Use ceph.conf configuration file instead of the default /etc/ceph/ceph.conf to determine monitor addresses during startup.


ceph-debugpack is part of Ceph, a massively scalable, open-source, distributed storage system. Please refer to the Ceph documentation at https://docs.ceph.com for more information.

See also

ceph(8) ceph-post-file(8)