SSH orchestrator

The SSH orchestrator is an orchestrator module that does not rely on a separate system such as Rook or Ansible, but rather manages nodes in a cluster by establishing an SSH connection and issuing explicit management commands.

Orchestrator modules only provide services to other modules, which in turn provide user interfaces. To try out the SSH module, you might like to use the Orchestrator CLI module.


  • The Python remoto library version 0.35 or newer


The SSH orchestrator can be configured to use an SSH configuration file. This is useful for specifying private keys and other SSH connection options.

# ceph config set mgr mgr/ssh/ssh_config_file /path/to/config

An SSH configuration file can be provided without requiring an accessible file system path as the method above does.

# ceph ssh set-ssh-config -i /path/to/config

To clear this value use the command:

# ceph ssh clear-ssh-config


Instructions for setting up a development environment can be found in the Ceph source tree at src/pybind/mgr/ssh/